When You Can’t, He Will || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

November 28, 2021 , Exodus 6

Have you ever thought “I don’t have what it takes”? Maybe it seems you are inadequate for the task to be a mom or dad, to be a spouse, to provide, to lead the ministry, or to get the company going. Well if you have ever thought that, you are in good company because the Bible is filled with people who didn’t have what it takes but God still came through. In this message, from the series “Guided by God” from Exodus 6, Pastor Brenen shows how even when we fail or fall short, God still promises to come through.  Discover 7 unconditional promises that God has made to you, in the message: “WHEN YOU CAN’T, HE WILL”.