What’s Your Response? || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

September 6, 2020 , Genesis 18: 1-15

When God says he wants to do something miraculous in and through your life, what’s your response? Each of us have a choice either to respond in faith and believe what God said he would do or to doubt what God said because of the impracticality of that ever really coming to pass. But the way we respond to the promises of God will determine the way we live. In this message from the series “The Beginnings” from Genesis 18:1-15, Pastor Brenen shows that in the time we are waiting for God to fulfill his promise there are often trials we go through that prepare us to receive all that God has for us. Discover how to respond the right way to the promises of God,  in the message: “WHAT’S YOUR RESPONSE?”.