What To Give For Christmas

Main Scripture: Luke 2:8-20

Brenen Beeler December 18, 2022

What are you planning on giving your friends and family for Christmas? For some, it might clothes or shoes, toys or a favorite candy. But there is one thing that we can give that every person needs. It is actually free to give everyone and it is the greatest gift we can give anyone. In this message in Luke 2:8-20 from part 2 of the series “Christmas at Regenerate”, Pastor Brenen shows how each of us have the greatest gift to give, it is the “Good News” that we are called to proclaim to the world. This “Good News” is too Good to keep to ourselves. Discover the importance of sharing the news about who Jesus is and find what happens when people hear that news, in the message: “WHAT TO GIVE FOR CHRISTMAS”.