Too Good To Keep To Yourself || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

December 20, 2020 , Luke 2:8-20

Have you ever had such good news you wanted to tell the world about it? For some, it might be the beginning of a new relationship, it might be the announcement of an engagement, it could be finding out that they are pregnant, or the announcement of welcoming their first-born child into the world. We have all had, at times, news too good to keep to ourselves. In this message from Luke 2:8-20 from the series Christmas at Regenerate, Pastor Brenen shows how each of us have “Good News” that we are called to proclaim to the world. This “Good News” is too Good to keep to ourselves. Discover the importance of sharing the news about who Jesus is and find what happens when people hear that news, in the message: “TOO GOOD TO KEEP TO YOURSELF”.