The Convenience Of Compromise || Exodus 8_11-32 || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

February 6, 2022 , Exodus 8:11-32

No one can stop God’s plan from being fulfilled no matter who they are but if we compromise, we can keep ourselves from seeing God’s plan be fulfilled in our own lives. In this message, from the series “Guided by God” from Exodus 8:11-32, Pastor Brenen shows Pharaoh used the same strategy our enemy does today, Pharaoh tried to stop God’s plan from coming to pass but when he realized he couldn’t, he tried to get God’s people to compromise on God’s plan. Discover how compromise is usually convenient but it will keep you from seeing God’s plan for your life be fulfilled, in the message: “THE CONVENIENCE OF COMPROMISE”.