Provide the Pattern || 1 Chronicles 28 || Regenerate Church

Main Scripture: 1 Chronicles 28:9-20

Brenen Beeler June 19, 2022

It does cost a lot to be a good dad, but it costs even more if dad’s aren’t. Recent research found that the missing component in society today and the reason for many social ills that exist in culture today has a direct connection to the absence of the FATHER in the home. In this message from 1 Chronicles 28:9-20 in this special “Father’s Day” message, Pastor Brenen shares that, as Fathers but more importantly as all Christians, it is our responsibility to provide to our children and others around us the pattern, with our lives, in which they are to follow! Discover the pattern that we should present for others to build their lives upon, in the message: “PROVIDE THE PATTERN”.