God Is Able To Save || Exodus 9 || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

February 13, 2022 , Exodus 9

When we go through situations in life that are difficult for us to resolve, we often transpose our own difficulty on God. Because it is impossible for us to accomplish the task, fix the problem, reconcile the relationship, or become free from the addiction, we then think it’s impossible for God. In this message, from the series “Guided by God” from Exodus 9, Pastor Brenen shows how God shows his power to save as he brings about supernatural acts to deliver his people out of bondage. God shows that there is no one like him and his power is not limited. Discover how God is not intimidated by the impossible and when you are inadequate, He is adequate, in the message: “God Is Able To Save”.