From The Prison To The Palace || Brenen Beeler || Regenerate Church

Brenen Beeler

May 23, 2021 , Genesis 41:1-36

God has a plan for your life, but have you ever wondered what that plan is? We often wonder what God is doing, especially when you don’t see what god is doing presently! In this message, from Genesis 41:1-36, in the series “The Beginnings”, Pastor Brenen shows how too many times people focus on the plan of God instead of the person of God.  Your goal isn’t to understand the plan, but simply walk with God hand in hand… and in his timing, he is going to get you to where he wants you to be. Discover how God is working behind the scenes in your life presently to get you to where He wants you to be, in the message: “FROM THE PRISON TO THE PALACE”.