Famous Last Words || Brenen Beeler || Regenerat Church

Brenen Beeler

September 5, 2021 , Genesis 49

Throughout history, when men and women of influence were about to die, they would share their famous last words. But with few exceptions, the last words of history’s greatest leaders have been about as interesting and uplifting as a phone book. But the opposite is true with the last words of a man named Jacob. In this message, from Genesis 49, in the series “The Beginnings”, Pastor Brenen shows how the last words of Jacob were not only blessings pronounced on his boys, but it was a prophetic word for the nation of Israel, represented by the 12 tribes of Israel. The blessings actually describe what would take place with the people of Israel throughout all of history. Discover how if God has been faithful to the Jew, he will also be faithful to you, in the message: “FAMOUS LAST WORDS”.