Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Seminar

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Regenerate will be hosting a DAVE RAMSEY “Financial Peace” Seminar. Its once a week on Thursday Nights for 9 weeks starting May 2nd and going till June 27th. 

Here are some stats on this course:

-The average person who goes through the class pays off and saves 8,000 in 90 days

-The average person pays off all debt besides their mortgage in 2 years, and their house in 7 years


Why would church host this? Because we are called to be good stewards of ALL that God has given us. Especially in our finances and if we can help you live out what God has called you to be, then we are succeeding.

This is normally $279 per person!!! We realize that can be expensive… So Regenerate is splitting the cost with you at it will only be $140 per person but because we know that statistically FINANCES is the number 1 reason that causes divorce among married people in the U.S. We are offering the course for $140 per married couple.

You are not going to want to miss this! 

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