31 Days of Prayer

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Together as a church and those that are apart of our church online will be joining together to PRAY IN THE NEW YEAR. December is such an important month for us as a church, because people are uniquely open to Jesus in the season of Christmas. We know that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MOVE OF GOD APART FROM PEOPLE WHO PRAY. SO I WANT TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN WITH US IN PRAYER. DAILY.


Below we are providing a daily list of specific prayers that  we want you to pray through as we pray in the new year together.


Day 1- Pray for the salvation of your family, friends and co-workers, who do not know Christ,  and for an opportunity to invite them to church on Christmas Eve.

 Challenge: Pray and take an invite card to give to someone you’ve been praying for.

Day 2 – Pray for a culture within our church of reading and studying God’s word. Pray that God would give each of us a heart and desire for prayer, discipleship and to share His Word with others.

Day 3 – Pray that the light and love of God would shine through Regenerate Church into our community and to those who need salvation so desperately. Challenge: Hand out 5 Christmas service invitations.

Day 4 – Pray for the President, board, faculty and students of Goldenwest College, and as we continue to meet on campus, that we would have opportunities to minister to the college and local communities.

Day 5 – Pray for our President and Vice President, Congress and the upcoming 2020 Election. Pray that all Christians will vote biblically and elect individuals that stand for biblical values.

Day 6 – Pray for our Regenerate Luau Christmas Party. Pray that as we gather tonight, that our church body would be united as never before as we get set to enter this new year.

Day 7 – Pray for our Outreach City Team as they invite local communities tonight to our Christmas Eve Service. Pray that the Lord would give them opportunities to minister to individuals and lead them to salvation.

Day 8 – Pray for Pastor Brenen and Morgan that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide them as they lead our church. Pray that the Spirit would speak through them, and that God continues to strengthen, protect and anoint their family.

 Challenge: Give Pastor Brenen and Morgan a word of encouragement today. Send them an email or text if you can!

Day 9 – Pray for the families that will be impacted by our Giving Tree. Pray that each family feels the love of Christ so strongly through Regenerate Church and that the Lord fills their homes with peace and joy this Christmas season. 

Day 10 – Pray for the growth of community within our church and that every person who walks through our doors feels loved. Pray that the culture of our core values will permeate every aspect of our lives and calling at Regenerate Church.

Day 11 –  Pray for God to pour his Spirit upon you and your family. Pray that God would do something radical in your life today.

 Challenge: Tell someone about Christ’s impact on your life and post online and tag @regeneratechurch.

Day 12 – Pray for our Governor and state legislature. Pray that any potential laws or propositions that hinder our religious freedoms will be voted down and that our state leaders receive opportunities to meet God in a powerful way to become ambassadors for His kingdom.  

Day 13 – Pray for every person who will be receiving an invite to our Christmas Eve service. Pray their hearts are open to the gospel and they would receive God’s gift of salvation. 

Day 14 – Pray for our RKIDS within our church. Pray that they would know God in a powerful way at an early age and not depart from it. Pray that families would be united in the Lord and filled with God’s presence and protection.

Day 15 – Pray for our RSM Christmas party this afternoon! Pray for all of our students that they would find strong community through Regenerate Church and build a deeper relationship with the Lord. 

Day 16 – Thank the Lord with a grateful heart this day for His faithfulness upon your life!  Pray that God would bring someone in your life today that needs to hear God’s love in their life and that God would give you an opportunity to share that with them!

 Challenge: Write a note or send a message to someone that God puts in your heart and tell them why you’re thankful for them and how you’re thankful for God in your life. 

Day 17 – Pray for the families and marriages at Regenerate Church. Pray for the sharpening of our godly men; that they would lead their families and step up into roles of leadership. Pray that the women would be strengthened and blessed today. Pray that our children will be protected and led by the Spirit!

Challenge: Pray as a family today. Gather everyone you can in your family and pray together.

Day 18 – Pray for those in our church who have suffered loss this year.  Pray that through their loss that God would show Himself even greater in their lives. Pray for healing and that those who have lost will be able to turn around and comfort others with the comfort they have been given.  

Day 19 – Pray for our local city and county governments. Pray that our city and county leaders are guided and led by the Spirit as they serve and protect our communities each and every day.

Day 20 – Pray for breakthrough in your life and our church! Pray that God would give us a breakthrough to move mountains and to move towards God’s perfect calling upon our lives!

Day 21 – Pray for our radio ministry, Regenerate Radio.  Pray that as God uses this resource to spread the Gospel to our community, across our nation and around the world, that hearts would be open to receiving this message and that lives would be changed forever for Christ.

Day 22 – Pray for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon our church and that He would use our church to start a revival in our families and communities.

Day 23 – Pray for all of the prodigals we all know in our lives.  Pray that as these have walked away from the Lord, that He will call out to them in a supernatural way.  Pray that they would see that the world is full of emptiness apart from Christ and that we would see many come back to Christ in 2020.

Day 24 –  Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the forum for our Christmas Eve service. Pray for Pastor Brenen’s message, our worship team, all of our ministry teams and those coming as guests.

Challenge: Bring those who you invited to our Christmas Eve Service.

Day 25 – Gather your family and pray for those around your community that they would accept the greatest gift of salvation this Christmas. Give thanks for who God is in your life and what it means to your family.

Day 26 – Pray for our RGroups in 2020.  Pray that as we gather across Orange County that our sense of community and family would grow.  Pray that hearts are opened and lives are changed.

Day 27 – Pray for those suffering from chronic health issues, illnesses, and pain.  Pray for supernatural healing. Pray that even through their struggles that their relationships with God would be strengthened and they would be able to serve God to the best of their abilities.

Day 28 – Pray for direction and guidance and Regenerate Church seeks a permanent location.  Pray that God would provide financially. Pray that God would open the perfect location for our church’s needs.

Day 29 – Pray that our core values as a church would be amplified in our lives in 2020.  Jesus is our message. People are our heart. Generosity is our privilege. Excellence is our Spirit. Servant Leadership is our identity. Honor is our calling. Passion is our pursuit.

Day 30 – Pray for our military, police, fire, and EMTs.  Pray for their protection and that they would all have the wisdom and discernment to do their jobs and face each day and task as they come.

Day 31 – The Lord calls us to live lives that are fully submitted to Him. To be set apart from the world and for his good purposes. Read Romans 12:1-5 and ask God to show you how to do that with excellence. Pray for God’s fresh vision for 2020 in your life and in the life of our church. May God lead us as He desires and that we would submit to Him completely.